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14 czerwca 2011 dodał Karol

Not everyone in Mordheim had a chance to experience fighting in a big, organized warband, nor did they work on their own as mercenaries. Sometimes groups of fighters, bored with constant lingering in taverns, choose to ally themselves with anyone who was willing to hire them.

The following rules are to alleviate the growing frustration with some warbands’ limits and rooster predictability.
How many times before, told of your opponent’s fraction choice, were you able to quite precisely guess which units will be used against you? How many times using a particular rooster were you in need of units either cheaper, or different in specialization? How many times singular mercenaries did not prove sufficient to fulfill the warband’s needs?

Because of these problems, as well as the acknowledged need for something new, we introduce the idea of mercenary groups as scarce allied contingents: fragments of bands available to hire by bands of other type.
What does the contingent consist of?

Every contingent has at its disposal a set of special rules (usually assigned to the race it represents), its own list of equipment as well as a list of units, usually limited to one champion and a small group of henchmen. The list of currently completed contingents can be found in our Mordheim section (surprise, surprise ;) ).

How to bite it?

Group special rules – they apply only to allied units, but do not influence the band’s rules themselves. Most often they are connected to, and derived from the units’ racial characteristics.

Group equipment list – applies only to the allied group, which can be used while creating the unit, or buying items. An allied group cannot buy anything which is not on the list. You cannot pass the allied unit’s equipment to your band, and you cannot give the band’s equipment to the allies neither. Once bought, the allied group’s equipment cannot be sold.

The Champion – all allied groups need a leader. The leader can be bought in the beginning of creating the band, or found during the campaign, using the Dramatis Personae rules. Until the champion is bought his henchmen cannot be recruited, but they all can be easily bought together.
The character is treated like the hero using all their rules apart from these:

  • The allied group’s champion does not count in the 6 heroes per band limit and can be recruited surpassing this number
  • The presence of the allied group’s champion does not add an additional dice during the exploration phase

If the champion dies, it cannot be re-bought and no additional allied henchmen can be bought as well, but the new equipment can be bought to the already hired ones.
All champions start with 10 experience points.

Allied henchmen– a small group of fighters centred around the given group’s champion. They are treated as ordinary henchmen, but cannot be promoted to heroes. New ones can only be bought when the champion is still in the group. All allied henchmen are treated as one group, thus they need to have the same equipment and the same number of experience points and advances.

Additional special rules

  • Every band can have only one allied group at a time.
  • If the champion dies, another one cannot be bought, nor can any allied henchman be promoted to his place. The only thing that can be done is abandoning the remaining allies and recruiting a new group, or waiting until all the existing henchmen die.
  • Allied group’s models count in the total number of units in selling wyrdstone, and they add to the maximum number of units in the band.
  • All allied contingents have their own limited list of bands they can join.
  • No allied group model can ever become the leader of the warband.

The rules are currently in the testing phase. Possible comments will appear in the entry’s update.

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