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9 maja 2011 dodał Karol

An Improvised Attack is an additional attack (not included in the profile) delivered in a manner no way connected to a decent weapon, or its orthodox use for that matter. An example of such an attack may be the use of a knife, punching with a shield, a blow with the pommel of a sword, head banging in close combat or the classic and cruel groin kick (and many other ideas which spring to mind of an experienced fighter when needed).

Introducing this rule we assume, that the Improvised Attack may be performed always and by every model, except:

1. Unarmed models and models with free dagger only.
2. Models equipped with an additional handweapon

Being weaker and less precise, Improvised Attacks have a +1 modifier to the opponent’s Armour Save (6+ if they have none), and it is impossible to strike a critical hit with them. Improvised Attacks are delivered in the end of the model’s attack sequence, thus they do not influence the order of the attacks dependant on the type of the wielded weapon.

Improvised Attack
Range: hand-to-hand combat; Strength: user’s
Special rules: +1 to opponent’s Armour Save, no critical hits

It is also assumed that all dagger attacks count as Improvised Attacks.

For example:
1. A model with one Attack in its profile, armed in a dagger (Improvised Attack) has only one Attack – the Improvised Attack. If such a model has in its profile more than one Attacks, it uses all of them, though as Improvised Attacks only.
2. A model armed in one handweapon (e.g. an extra dagger, club, axe, sword etc.) has all the Attacks in the profile, and one Improvised Attack.
3. A model equipped with any type of handweapon and a buckler or shield, has all the Attacks in the profile and one Improvised Attack with its buckler or shield.
4. Models equipped with two-handed weapons have all Attacks in the profile and one Improvised Attack using the weapon in an unorthodox way (delivered after the proper Attack).
5. Models equipped with two one-hand weapons use the rules stated previously (the second weapon makes the additional attack an unimprovised one, and subject to the rules of this weapon).
6. Unarmed models use the rules stated previously.

Rules of Mordheim as of now give advantage to models with an additional attack granted by the use of a second weapon. Regardless of the fact that such combat requires a lot of skill, this preference influences also the use of such weaponry like shield or two-handed weapons (the former being the basic piece of a fighter’s equipment before the invention of gunpowder, the latter – a shattering answer to the growing thickness of armours). I have seen many attempts to solve this phenomenon, however they either altered the game mechanics (requiring too many rules changes), or its dynamics (slowing it down). The way described above is designed to increase the game’s dynamics, ensure at least a FAIR cost-effectiveness of particular weapons and allow more variance in the bands’ equipment. The changes I am proposing here are supposed to adjust the weapon’s efficiency to its cost, and not its fitting to the game’s mechanics.

Test results:
Our local Poznan crew’s test indicate a rise in both the game’s dynamics and the diversity of the roosters (our gametable was sprinkled with shields, bucklers, two-handed weapons and halberds). We have also observed that in the new roosters the Unarmed one attack models became weaker: mainly animals and zombies (the latter rarely seen on our gametables anyway, much to our content). Further tests in progress.

Translated by Ashka

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